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Caregivers & Nurses Have the Most Challenging Jobs

Whether you are a caregiver by profession, a caregiver for a loved one, or a registered nurse, the  physical and emotional demands of your everyday tasks will most certainly affect your health and wellbeing, unless you are equipped with a set of tools to relieve stress, balance emotions, and support your body and brain.

I was a caregiver for my husband who passed away from cancer 14 years ago, and I wish I would have been an Aromatherapist already then. So it is with great passion, that I offer education and support to caregivers and nurses beyond aromatherapy, developing daily routines that help relieve stress, increase energy, improve focus and concentration, balance emotions, strengthen the immune system, support physical wellbeing, and help you cope with difficult and challenging situations you encounter daily.

60 Day Program for Caregivers & Nurses

Program goals:

  • create a healthy (emotional & physical) morning routine
  • develop inner calm and a sense of feeling grounded
  • relieve effects of stress on the body and emotions
  • learn how to “let go”
  • create a toolkit to better cope with difficult situations
  • improve focus and concentration
  • increase energy levels and ability to better handle stressors
  • discover best ways to support your immune system and physical health
  • experience better sleep and wake up feeling more rested

Program details:

The program starts with a one hour meeting (in person whenever possible – alternative option video call) introducing you to the first 30 day portion of the program. Here you’ll receive information on the effects of stress on your body, brain and emotions.  We will introduce and “experience” tools and techniques which can support you from the moment you get up until the time you lay down to sleep. Every participant receives an essential oils keychain holder with three essential oils and specific use instructions. Regular emails (one email every five days) will guide you and support you on your journey for the coming 30 days. Plus, you’ll get access to my personal support hotline (email anytime or call 9 am to 7 pm EST M-F) with any specific questions related to the program. After 30 days, we will have a second one hour meeting, sharing and discussing experiences. Here you will receive two more essential oils for your keychain supporting your physical health and daily routines, plus you’ll learn how to make an aromatherapy stress response inhaler you can keep in your pocket and use anytime . We will take a look at 10+ Techniques to create a peaceful and balanced work and life experience, so you may find tools that “speak” to you and will be easy for you to integrate into your daily routines. The best technique is worth zero if we don’t apply it regularly. Only consistency, feeling a sense of pleasure and true benefit, will help you evolve and feel empowered. The second meeting is again followed by another 30 days of guidance and support as described above.

“I think a 60 day program is crucial to affect lasting change. Only when we develop daily habits and routines integrated into our lifestyle, will we be able to experience the full benefits. Guidance and support during those 60 days are an important building block to developing physical and emotional resilience.”

Do you want to cope better with daily stressors?
Do you want to let go of negative emotions?
Do you want to experience inner calm & strength?
Do you want to have more energy, focus, motivation?

Do you want to protect your physical health?
Do you want to discover 10+ Techniques to Create a
Peaceful and Balanced Work and Life Experience?


Then get started!

The program is available for companies as well as for individuals.
Cost per participant reg. $79 (meeting one-on-one).
Please contact me for group (min. of 3 participants) and company discounts.

September Special – only $39 per participant!



Any Questions? Please call 941-504-1968 or use the contact form provided.

As an Aromatherapist, I can offer guidance & education on the most beneficial and safe use of essential oils, supporting your health and wellness.
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