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ITOVI Bioscans Provide Personalized Wellness Information


Whether you are already familiar with essential oils or thought of trying them – receiving an aromatherapy wellness consultation and iTOVI bioscan will provide you with a personalized guideline on essential oils! Find out what YOUR body is “asking for” because of emotional, environmental or physical reasons!

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Contact me to arrange a convenient time to receive a wellness consultation, iTOVI bioscan and detailed report. You will get an opportunity to learn which essential oils work best for your body and wellness challenges, explore the best ways of using and applying essential oils, and receive samples to try. Consultation including bioscan, detailed report and 1-2 samples for only $60 (compare to $200 – $300 at functional medicine offices). Follow-up scans $20. Continuing wellness consultation sessions $60 per hour (charged in 30 min increments).

Want to give it a try? Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute wellness orientation.

iTOVI bioscans are a valuable tool for you and your entire family!
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I want to thank you for the ITOVI. You we’re not only professional it was a fun!  I found the information you provided about me useful. The oils that I purchased based on your recommendations seems to be having an impact and that’s the best part.

Mitch Mallett


The ITOVI scan provided great insight into what my body and mind needed to support me.  Essential Oils are powerful on their own, but the scan shared shockingly accurate detail to what areas I could work on, along with Scarlet’s vast knowledge and understanding.  The emotional support suggestions in particular give a useful tool to improve my emotional outlook, stress level, and brain function.  I highly recommend getting an ITOVI scan before selecting your next Essential Oil product!

Nicole Marie Leffler
Owner Wild Ginger Apothecary


I am so excited about the IToVi scanner! I was intrigued about the concept of using it in a clinical way, but I was not prepared for the profoundly intuitive level of the reading. The science of this little scanner in concert with the wonderfully written book about oils and our emotions is mind blowing! How does it know, you will ask yourself!!!! Whether you receive the information on a deeply personal and spiritual level, or you just want a reading to guide your usage of the oils on a physical or environmental level, I know you will be amazed at the accuracy and relevance of the reports.

Avery Dye

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As a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist®, Scarlet Strapko offers guidance and education, identifying the best single essential oils, essential oil blends, and custom creates personalized essential oil products, supporting YOUR physical health, emotional wellbeing, and ability to effectively reduce stress. Learn how to best integrate essential oils and essential oil based products into your daily routines to experience sustained benefits.

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