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As an Aromatherapist, I can offer you guidance and education, allowing you to experience the most benefits from the use of essential oils.

Find out which essential oils are right for YOU! Every person’s body chemistry is different. An oil that might work well for your friend to help her sleep better might not work as well for you. Discover what your body is looking for to get back into balance because of physical, emotional or environmental reasons. Learn about the most effective ways to use your essential oils Have peace of mind that you can run a question by me whenever you are curious about something or need more information.

Call me to set up your first wellness consultation and bioscan and receive a free gift!


Enjoy these benefits:

1. Receive up to 30 min complimentary wellness orientation (phone or in person)

2. Schedule a 60 min Wellness Consultation & iTOVI bioscan ($60). Learn which essential oils are best suited to support YOUR physical and emotional wellbeing, receive a detailed report, and 1-2 free samples.

3. Purchase custom blends, personalized products and essential oils direct and with confidence.

4. Start incorporating your precious tools into your daily routines and get access to my videos and tutorials with fundamentals on using essential oils, including:

  • safety tips and guidelines on using essential oils (i.e. glass vs. plastic containers, safe use tips, etc.)
  • best ways to research which essential oils support the body with specific health & wellness issues
  • great  resources I use to learn more about essential oils & how they can support different aspects of life
  • where and which supplies to buy to blend oils, make roll-on bottles, misters, sprays etc
  • links to D.I.Y. recipes & tips
  • how to enjoy the most benefits and get free products, and much more!

It’s all about providing education, support, and guidance that makes the difference in the experience and results people have with essential oils.

Please call me at 1-941-504-1968 or use the contact form. I’m looking forward to supporting you with your health and wellness goals!

Please feel free to read some of the testimonials I’ve received.

Scarlet Strapko
As an Aromatherapist, I can offer guidance & education on the most beneficial and safe use of essential oils, supporting your health and wellness.
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