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Your Top 10 Essential Oils
  Thursday July 12th from 7 pm  – 8 pm

Overwhelmed by choices?
Not knowing where to start? 


Get practical tips and information on your Top 10 Essential Oils that will support your physical & emotional wellbeing.

Thursday July 12th
7 pm to 8 pm
FREE Class
Near State Rt. 70 and Lockwood Ridge
Please send text to 941-504-1968 to RSVP
and receive address for GPS



Supporting Women’s Health & Hormones
Thursday July 19th from 7 pm  – 8 pm

Lasting Health & Wholeness starts with:
Taking Time for YOU!

FREE Class

Discover powerful tools to support your physical health, hormones and emotional wellbeing.  Create a joyful and more positive life experience and take control of your health and wellness.

Thursday July 19th
7 pm to 8 pm
FREE Class
Near State Rt. 70 and Lockwood Ridge
Please send text to 941-504-1968 to RSVP
and receive address for GPS

“We are not at the mercy of our emotions,
nor a prisoner to our body,
we are warriors and liberators
when armed with the right tools.”

Scarlet Strapko, Aromatherapist

Stress Reduction & Balancing Emotions
Saturday August 25th 2 pm – 4:30 pm

Want to Feel Less Stressed?
Regain Sanity & Control?
Feel Emotionally More Balanced?

Then this Workshop is for YOU!

During this workshop you will:

Analyze and Identify Sources of YOUR Stress

Understand How Stress Affects Your Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

Learn about Purgative, Grounding & Illuminating Phase

Practice Stress Reducing Techniques

Create YOUR Personal Stress Response Inhaler & Roll-on

Develop a TAKE-HOME Strategy to Combat Stress

For many people, everyday stress builds to a level that seems too hard to handle, affecting physical health and emotional wellbeing. Pressures mount as you try to meet the demands of family and work. Caring for children or elderly parents, deadlines at the office, mounting bills, worries about health or relationships, all become overwhelming and consume your energy. Attending a stress reduction workshop can give you the tools you need to cope with the stress in your life and help balance emotions.

Join me for a passion filled afternoon you will leave armed with tools & techniques that can change your life.

Saturday August 25th
2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
CRT Wellness Center
7131 Curtiss Ave, #3, Sarasota FL 34236

Only $20 Admission
(plus Eventbrite fee)
RSVP & Pay on Eventbrite

Complimentary Snacks & Refreshments provided
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Organization, Club or Studio

Wellness Education
with Scarlet Strapko

As a traveling Aromatherapist I will be in certain areas in regular intervals
allowing you to schedule only one or a series of classes (see list below).

When it comes to essential oils, there is a definite lack of education
on how to use them safely and in the most beneficial ways
to support physical and emotional wellbeing.
My mission is to offer that education to help
people live a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Please contact me to schedule a class at your location!

Available Class Topics:

Reducing Stress & Balancing Emotions  (2.5 hour WORKSHOP)

Stress, Physical Health & Emotions (1 hour class)

Essential Oils 101

Your Top 10 Essential Oils

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

 Supporting Cardiovascular Health

Supporting Oral Health

Supporting Women’s Health & Hormones

Supporting  Children’s Health

Improving Quality of Life Facing Major Health Challenges

Aromatherapy Improving Athletic Performance

Geriatrics & Essential Oils

Enhancing Yoga Practice & Balancing Chakras

Using Essential Oils Safely Around Cats

Introduction to Therapeutic Blending

Perfume Making with Essential Oils

Cooking with Essential Oils

Cost varies depending on location and number of guests attending.
Every guest receives an information packet along with an Essential Oil sample,
plus a 25% off coupon for a workshop, private consultation, or essential oil.

Inquire about hosting a class or presentation today!

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Should you encounter any difficulties or have an urgent question,  please send email to or call 941-504-1968.

As an Aromatherapist, I can offer guidance & education on the most beneficial and safe use of essential oils, supporting your health and wellness.
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