Essential Oils Study Application

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Terms & Conditions for Participation in an Essential Oils Study:

I do not use d o T E R R A essential oils or products and am currently not using any other essential oils pertaining to the study I like to participate in. I agree to completing an initial online questionnaire before starting the study. Every day of the seven week study, I am going to use the samples provided as directed, and provide any requested feedback. After completion of the study, I am going to submit the end-of-study questionnaire and am open to providing a testimonial (with my first name, last name initial and city of residence only) that may be used to further promote essential oil studies and the services provided by Scarlet Strapko. I will receive a FREE GIFT for my participation and completion of the study.

Disclaimer: I understand and acknowledge that the essential oil case studies are solely an educational exercise and do not intended to be or imply to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I agree and accept that Scarlet Strapko makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for my participation and that I will use any samples provided at my own risk.