Arborvitae Essential Oil

Arborvitae Essential Oil


Thuja plicata

5ml 100% Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oil
Steam distilled from the wood

  • Energetic use: grounding, calming, instilling inner peace, opening the heart to trusting
  • Skin: May help promote clear, healthy looking skin when applied topically
  • Cleansing: Powerful cleansing agent
  • Diffused: Warm, earthy aroma
  • Body Systems: may support respiratory system, skin and emotional balance

See precautions below.

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Known as the “tree of life,” Arborvitae is majestic in size and abundant in unique benefits. This Arborvitae essential oil is sourced from the heartwood of the Thuja plicata tree. It is also known as Western Red Cedar and is native to North America (primarily Canada and the Northwestern United States). This unique source of Arborvitae essential oil contains a distinct chemical profile and is uniquely concentrated in methyl thujate. Native to Canada, all parts of the Arborvitae tree were used extensively by Native Americans for health benefits and for building vessels, totem poles, baskets, and clothing.

Possible Uses

  • Add a few drops of Arborvitae oil to a spray bottle with water and spray on surfaces or hands for a quick DIY cleaner.
  • Apply to wrists and ankles while hiking.
  • Diffuse to freshen the air.
  • Mix 4 drops of Arborvitae essential oil and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil for a wood polish.
  • Use during meditation for a sense of peace and calm.


  • do not take internally
  • dilute when using topically (may cause skin irritation with prolonged use or in people with sensitive skin)
  • prolonged diffusing of Arborvitae may irritate respiratory system
  • do not use during pregnancy

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The list of precautions is not meant to be “all inclusive”. The list includes precautions mentioned by our instructor when studying this essential oil during aromatherapy certification lessons. 

The statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. The information presented is for educational purposes in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Anyone with a disease, illness, injury or medical condition should consult a qualified health care professional before using essential oils.