Using Essential Oils Safely with and around Pets

This is an area where I feel a lot of education and information is needed, making the use of essential oils in your home beneficial to all family members, including your four legged ones, birds, and reptiles.

Above all, I want to stress that the quality of an essential oil is crucial when it comes to safety for your pets AND other family members! Don’t be fooled when a label says “100% Pure” – it may actually contain fillers, pesticides, heavy metals, mold spores, microbes, chemical residue from solvent extraction, and more unpleasant surprises which you are diffusing or applying topically, which can greatly affect health and cause adverse reactions. What to look for and which questions you should be asking? Read this article on what impacts the quality of essential oils.

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It feels very empowering to use essential oils but do it safely!

The selection of an essential oil (quality and type), application or delivery method, dilution ratio, taking regular breaks, and switching it up in intervals, will greatly impact how safe your use will be with and around your pets. Find out which essential oils are generally safe to use and which are potentially harmful to your pets.

All pets are not affected the same. There are distinct differences between the sensory systems between dogs, cats, reptiles and birds and their ability to effectively metabolize essential oils. Please ALWAYS consult with a holistic vet or certified aromatherapist if you have questions or concerns about using essential oils with and around your pets. I’m currently researching, speaking with breeders, and asking questions on different forums, so I can write an article for the safe use with reptiles and birds. So stay tuned and check back in a few weeks.


Feel free to reach out with questions!