Healthy Routines for Nurses & Caregivers

7 Free Online Sessions

To help you feel calm and grounded, relieve stress, increase energy, improve focus and mental clarity, strengthen the immune system and instill a positive mindset.

Whether you are a nurse, caregiver by profession, or caregiver for a loved one, the demands of your everyday tasks will most certainly affect your health and wellbeing, PHYSICALLY as well as EMOTIONALLY.

Caregiver and Nurses Program

“I am here for you because you give so much!”

I was a caregiver for my husband who passed away from cancer 17 years ago, and I wish I would have been an Aromatherapist already then. So it is with great passion, that I offer education and support to nurses and caregivers, developing daily routines that help relieve stress, increase energy, improve focus and concentration, instill a positive mindset, help feel calmer and grounded boosting inner strength and resilience, support healthy immune function — to help you cope better with difficult and challenging situations you encounter daily.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Caregivers and Nurses

7 Focus Topics –
7 FREE Sessions

Session Topics:

  • create a healthy morning routine to develop inner strength & resilience
  • increase motivation and boost energy levels
  • discover tools to manage and relieve stress
  • learn to “let go” of negative thoughts and renew
  • improve focus and concentration
  • discover new ways to support your immune system and physical health
  • create a nightly routine that promotes better sleep and lets you wake up feeling more rested

Work schedules for nurses and caregivers are often quite challenging, which is why all sessions will now be offered ONLINE to watch at your own time.

View the first session below, then simply use the form provided to receive a username and password to access the other sessions as they become available. I’m currently in the process of converting all previously LIVE sessions to pre-recorded sessions.

All sessions are 20 minutes or less taking into consideration that your time is precious. Take advantage of these sessions offering valuable tips & information that can make a real difference in how you feel and how you are able to perform at work. As a nurse or caretaker you will be able to access the sessions at no charge but any donations towards providing this program free for nurses and caregivers are welcomed.

Session 1:
Developing a Healthy Morning Routine


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Need Personal Guidance?

Take Advantage of a FREE 20 min wellness orientation.

If you have specific challenges you are struggling with, let’s take some time to talk and see how essential oils and perhaps having a personalized wellness plan could help create lasting changes. Schedule your free 20 minute session here.

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