What to expect from Your
Aromatherapy Consultation

60 Minute One-On-One Session via Phone or Zoom

Take advantage of a personalized session where you can share your health history, specific challenges you are facing, and your overall wellness goals and learn which particular essential oils and essential oil blends may be most beneficial to support your wellness goals.

Receive specific information on:

  • how to use your essential oils properly
  • most effective delivery pathways
  • appropriate dilution ratios
  • appropriate usage frequency
  • essential oil substitutions to switch things up
  • when to take breaks and for how long
  • what to avoid or be aware of

My Goal

Answer your questions and provide guidance, so you feel confident when using essential oils, maximizing the benefits you may experience. Discussing what the next steps on your wellness journey could look like.

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Appointment Details

Special Pricing During Pandemic:

One Hour Regular Appointments
(reg. $149)

Half Hour Appointments
$59 (reg. $89)

4 Week Wellness Plan
includes 4 Sessions &
Discounts on Essential Oils
only $149
(reg. $255)


Aromatherapy Tools

Made-for-You Aromatherapy Products
Scarlet creates personalized essential oil products taking into consideration your age, health history, allergies or sensitivities, medications you may be taking, and the best dilution ratio and delivery method for YOU. Customized aromatherapy tools are a professional service that is hard to find! Receive customized blends, roll-ons, sprays, lotions, inhalers, and more.

Purchase Single Essential Oils & Blends
Looking for highest quality Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends or Personal Care Products? You can purchase those directly from Scarlet at retail cost or take advantage of a 25% discount when opening a wholesale account (see details).

Appointment Location

During Pandemic ONLY Phone & Video Appointments will be available.

Phone & ZOOM Video Appointments:
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Travel Appointments:
As a traveling aromatherapist, Scarlet also offers “house calls” for clients and their families (at their home) as well as “business aromatherapy sessions” for companies, health care facilities, health and fitness studios, and clubs at their location to establish convenient wellness sessions for employees, members or patients.

“I’m looking forward to helping you create lasting change.”

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