As a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist, my specialty is creating personalized essential oil products.

Blending essential oils that will work BEST FOR YOU,
in the right dosage, using a delivery method and combination of essential oils
that is most beneficial for your specific situation.

Custom Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Products

100% Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils – Highest Quality

Free Shipping for orders $30+
(Shipping to Continental USA only)

Essential Oils Customized Aromatherapy Products Aromatherapist

My email response will provide you with details regarding your custom blend, including pricing for your custom product. Pricing varies depending on the value of essential oils contained in a blend (number of drops & types of essential oils). 

Personal Inhaler ($8.50)
10ml roll-on (starting at $18.00 for kids or $24 for adults)
5ml blend (starting at $15.00)
15ml blend (starting at $28.00)
1 oz lotion (starting at $24.00)
2 oz lotion (starting at $40.00)
Bath salts (starting at $14.00)
Sugar scrubs (starting at $14.00)
Misters (starting at $14.00)

Like to discuss your specific needs by phone?

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