Essential Oils Empowering Moms

Therapeutic grade essential oils are so much more than just aroma tools, they can support health and wellness in many different ways.  In our family, we can no longer imagine a life without essential oils and I will be forever grateful to the person who introduced me to essential oils and taught me how to use them properly and most effectively. I finally had tools at my fingertips, I felt I was in control and could make a difference in how we felt and got through the day.

Meanwhile, having become a Certified Aromatherapist, I’ve guided and educated many moms and created personalized blends for kids as young as 3 months old.  This section is a general introduction for moms on using essential oils safely with their kids. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or personalized needs you may have.

It feels very empowering when you can help your kids:

  • Support healthy immune function
  • Soothe occasional stomach upset and feelings of queasiness
  • Balance emotions and soothe feelings of anxiousness
  • Ease feelings of tension in neck and head
  • Support focus and concentration
  • Soothe skin irritations
  • Support oral health
  • Support restful sleep


Where to Start?

When I’m consulting with moms and families, there are many questions about essential oil safety, dilution ratios, best and safest application methods. I’ll be happy to help you and guide you. There are essential oils that are not recommended for infants and with kids under specific ages. Always use essential oils of the highest quality grade with your children, follow directions and label instructions, and use them properly and with care.

I have seen wonderful results in helping kids stay healthier in school, being able to focus better on homework and concentrate at school,  easing emotions, lesson feelings of anxiousness and overwhelm, finding a new great routine to unwind in the evening and fall asleep, or get a little pick-me-up for those who just can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning. I’d love to share my experiences and knowledge with you, learn about your children, their challenges, their ages and help you find the best suitable solutions to make their life and your life a little easier and happier. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

General Safety Considerations

Using essential oils comes with many benefits when used correctly and with appropriate care. Here are dilution ratios for kids suggested by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy:

10 ml Rollerball bottle (200 drops) – fill with fractionated coconut oil or other carrier oil

3-24 months old: add 1 drop of essential oil = 0.5% dilution
2-6 years old: add 2 drops of essential oil = 1% dilution
6-12 years old: add 4 drops of essential oil = 2% dilution

Essential Oil Quality

The quality of essential oils greatly impacts how safe they are to use and the benefits you can experience. Always use 100% certified pure tested grade essential oils and don’t be fooled when a label says “100% Pure” – it may actually contain fillers, pesticides, heavy metals, mold spores, microbes, chemical residue from solvent extraction, and more unpleasant surprises. What to look for and which questions you should be asking? Read this article on what impacts the quality of essential oils.

Aromatic Use Considerations

Aromatic use may be beneficial to support immune system, respiratory system, emotions, focus, and sleep.


You may want to make it easier for your baby to fall asleep. For infants 3 months and older, add 1 drop of Lavender to your diffuser. Diffuse for 10 minutes, shut off diffuser, then bring baby into the bedroom. You can also make a mister in a 2 oz. fine mist spray bottle. Fill bottle with distilled water and add 6 drops of Lavender essential oil (0.5 % dilution). Spray a few puffs into the air before laying baby down to sleep.

2-6 Years of Age

Use a diffuser that has an intermittent setting (diffuses and shuts off in intervals). Leave door or window open for proper ventilation while diffusing. Create room mist with 1% dilution (12 drops in 2 oz of distilled water) and spray a few puffs into the air.

6-12 Years of Age

Use a diffuser that has an intermittent setting (diffuses and shuts off in intervals). Leave door or window open for proper ventilation while diffusing. Create room mist with 2% dilution (24 drops in 2 oz of distilled water) and spray a few puffs into the air. Consider diffuser jewelry (necklace, bracelet) to wear while at school (focus, memory, immune support) and on the go with family and friends.

Topical Use Considerations

Always dilute age appropriate (see above) with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. Stay away from sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, nose, genitals, and open wounds. Consider natural lotions as a base for your essential oil blend you can massage your child’s feet with or apply to the back or neck. Topical use not recommended with babies under 3 months of age. Do not apply to the feet when baby/toddler likes to stick his or her feet into the mouth. Apply to their back instead or make sure to put on socks and shoes after application.

Application under the soles of feet is the easiest way to support their body systems. Consider applying a protective blend to support the immune system before going to school or daycare.

Caution – Avoid topical use of following essential oils under the age indicated

Essential Oils < 2 <3 <5 <6 < 12 < 14
Myrtle X
Onycha X
Lemongrass X
Peppermint X X
Basil X X X
Cedarwood X X X
Eucalyptus globulus X X X
Anise X X X
Fennel X X X
Galbanum X X X
Pink Grapefruit X X X
Nutmeg X X X X
Birch X X X X X
Hyssop X X X X X
Wintergreen X X X X X
Clary Sage X X X X X X
Rose X X X X X X
Geranium X X X X X X


This overview is by no means to be intended  “all inclusive”. It is a guideline that is updated as I discover additional research and case studies on the use of essential oils with children. Please consult with a Physician and a Certified Aromatherapist if your child suffers from a chronic illness before introducing essential oils.

Take Breaks & Change It Up!

When working with moms and their families, I can’t always emphasize enough the importance of taking breaks and alternating essential oils. You do not want anybody in the family to develop any sensitivities and you want to see the most benefit. Taking breaks and changing it up is an essential step. For infants 3 months to 6 years, I generally suggest to take a 3 day break after using any essential oil for 7 days. If continued use is desired, take a one week break after 3 rounds of 7 days on, 3 days off. For kids 6 years to 12 years, use for up to 10 days, 3 days break, and one week break after 3 rounds. For 12 years or older, up to 14 days, take 3 days break, take one week break after 3 rounds. Same goes for adults! Take regular breaks and also switch up the essential oils you are using.

Change it up! The effects of an essential oil are all based on their chemistry. Many essential oils have similar chemical profiles, so desired effects will also be similar. Find essential oils that have similar desired effects and keep switching it up a bit for sustained long term benefits.

Custom Blends for Younger Kids

I love working with moms preparing custom blends for their younger children. Please see below a selection of choices. If you are looking for something specific you don’t see, please contact me.

Skin Soother (3 months to 2 yrs) 0.5% dilution, 10ml roll-on
Tummy Soother (3 months to 2 yrs) 0.5% dilution, 10ml roll-on
Booster Blend (3 months to 2 yrs) 0.5% dilution, 10ml roll-on
Sweet Dreams Restful Blend (3 months to 2 yrs) 0.5% dilution,
10ml roll-on

Skin Soother (2 yrs to 6 yrs) 1% dilution, 10ml roll-on
Tummy Soother (2 yrs to 6 yrs) 1% dilution, 10ml roll-on
Booster Blend (2 yrs to 6 yrs) 1% dilution, 10ml roll-on
 Sweet Dreams Restful Blend (2 yrs to 6 yrs) 1% dilution, 10ml roll-on
Night Terror Blend (2 yrs to 6 yrs) 1% dilution, 10ml roll-on
Lion Tamer (2 yrs to 6 yrs) 1% dilution, 10ml roll-on

Blends for Kids 6 years to 14 years


Soothing Blend: After running, jumping, and playing, rub onto legs, feet, or back to soothe your active body; 10ml roll-on
Grounding Blend: For daily centering, or for times when feeling nervous or anxious, rub on neck and wrists to calm and comfort emotions; 10ml roll-on
Courage Blend: Before new or different situations, or just to start the day, roll onto the back of neck, tummy, or bottoms of feet for a boost of courage and confidence; 10ml roll-on

Protective Blend: Use Stronger on the back of neck or bottoms of feet for an added boost or for protection when not feeling your best; 10ml roll-on
Restful Blend: When it’s bedtime, roll Calmer onto the bottoms of feet and onto wrists. Climb into bed and take a deep breath to let the mind rest; 10ml roll-on
Nightmare Blend: When it’s bedtime, roll onto the bottom of feet, apply to inside of writs. Climb into bed and take a deep breath to let the mind rest and have sweet dreams; 10ml roll-on


Aromatouch Technique

A simple but effective way to support the immune system, reduce tension and feelings of stress, and increase feelings of overall wellness is using the Aromatouch Technique on your family members. Please view this short video and let me know if you are interested in learning about it. I’m certified in Aromatouch and would be happy to introduce you to this wonderful technique so you can use it with your family.

Essential Oils for cleaning around the house and cleansing the air:

Lemon, Lime, Protective Blend, Purifying Blend

Essential Oils used for washing laundry and with cotton dryer balls:

Lemon, Protective Blend, Wild Orange, Citrus Blend, Lavender

It is so important to reduce the amount of chemicals in our households that we expose our kids and pets to. Consider using all natural cleaning products and laundry products, and enhance them with essential oils. Need more tips on going all natural? Just contact me, I’ll be happy to help.


Essential Oils have impacted what I can do for my family! You can make that difference for your family, too.



Essential Oils are Not Medicine

Essential oils are not medicine, they work very differently in the body than medication. Essential oils support our bodies on a cellular level, bringing back into balance what has been out of balance, supporting the body to heal itself, without harmful side effects when used appropriately adhering to label instructions and safe usage consideration.

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be an intuitive complement to our daily lives. I’ll be happy to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!


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