Scarlet Strapko
NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist® Living in Sarasota, FL

(NAHA is the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapists)

My Passion

As an Aromatherapist, I work with people from 3 months old to 90+, supporting physical and emotional wellbeing through aromatherapy. But my greatest passion is helping WOMEN, especially generation X women and baby boomers, who juggle a million things, are facing struggles, the entrepreneurs, the caretakers, those who feel stressed and overwhelmed, those who no longer want to feel how they’ve been feeling but are looking to shift their energy towards how they WANT to feel and WANT to live. If you’ve watched my video, you understand why. When you get a chance to work with me, you learn new ways to support your health, regain balance, have more energy, feel less stressed, shift your energies and change your mindset, and live a healthier lifestyle and simply FEEL BETTER!

My Story

Why do I truly belief I can help you develop skills and tools to feel better and live happier? Because I have personally faced and overcome tremendous life challenges. Fracturing my neck in a car accident and years of pain, memory loss, and long road to recovery. Loss of my soulmate, my husband, to cancer, being a caretaker and raising our young children.  Grief, despair, depression, tremendous fear, worry, feelings of anxiousness. Struggling with immense stress and sleep deprivation. A traumatic incident which included excruciating pain and suffocation, leading to cardiac arrest. Leaving me with a heart that was only working 20% after being revived. PTSD from the near death experience. Physical and mental exhaustion. Severe digestive issues. Having one of my children diagnosed with a rare illness for which there was no medication, no cure….    I have overcome all those challenges. Now, I find myself in this unique place, with this urge to help others facing difficult life or wellness situations do the same. My education as a certified professional aromatherapist coupled with my personal experiences fuels my deep passion for people and wellness, paving the road for positive and lasting change.

My Work

As an Aromatherapist, Scarlet shares her wealth of knowledge and insights through her website (make sure to become a free member), offers in person as well as online education and courses, and also works with people one-on-one, in person or via video zoom or phone consultations.

She doesn’t just focus on the obvious wellness issues but tackles challenges at their root. She supports her customers as a whole, taking everything into consideration: physical wellness, emotional balance, stress levels, energy levels, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and toxic load. Scarlet helps them discover integrative aromatherapy and other self care tools that offer support in all areas of life, guiding them on their journey to live an empowered and healthier lifestyle.

Studying Aromatherapy at Aromahut Institute and becoming certified as a “NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist” (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapists) enables her to assess which essential oils will be most beneficial for her customers, create custom aromatherapy products and essential oil blends, taking into consideration age, health history, medications the customer may be taking, any sensitivities that have to be considered, and overall health goals. Designing custom aromatherapy products to support emotional and physical wellbeing is one of her greatest passions. Customers receive personalized products that make lifestyle changes easy and effective. Personal wellness plans offer guidance and tips regarding best application methods and routines. When you work with Scarlet, you learn to take breaks and switch things up, to make the use of essential oils safer, more effective, and seamless — support lasting changes.

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