Spas Love Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

With Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils spas take aromatherapy to a whole new level! Every service offered in a spa can be enhanced by incorporating essential oils including: facials, massages, body treatments, manicures/pedicures, and stress reduction and relaxation exercises. Essential oils are often used aromatically, topically, as well as internally at water stations.

With elevated client experiences spas are finding much success by incorporating essential oils.

Many prestigious resort and day spas use and love essential oils because every product delivers therapeutic benefits. Some of the top spas around the nation including, The Spa at Aria, Bellagio, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and WTS International Woodstock Inn Spa incorporate certified pure tested grade essential oils.

Spas Using Essential Oils


See below a few simple ways salons & spas use essential oils:

Hair Removal

Apply one drop of Lavender essential oil to upper lip, brows, or other sensitive skin areas immediately after hair removal procedures to soothe irritated skin and minimize post-treatment breakout. (Keep out of eyes.)

Hair Treatment

Massage one drop of Lemon and Lavender essential oils to the scalp during shampooing, and massage two drops of Peppermint oil to scalp during conditioning for a stimulating and conditioning boost to your hair treatments. Rosemary stimulates scalp health so hair will start feeling stronger and thicker with repeated use. Please contact me for a list of essential oils supporting different scalp and hair conditions.

Nail Treatment

Massage several drops of Lemon essential oil into nails to cleanse and detoxify after using polish removers and cleansers. Massage several drops of Lavender essential oil after aggressive cuticle and shaping work to soothe and calm irritated cuticles and to prepare nails for finishing. Add one drop of Peppermint essential oil to the palm after nail treatment to help neutralize residual chemical odors and to remind your clients of their pampering after they leave your spa. Please contact me to receive a nail support reference card with tips on strengthening nails and supporting general nail health.

Hand Massage

Offer an application of essential oils to your clients’ hands in preparation for a spa treatment. Ask them their desired mood for their treatment session. If they want to relax and lessen stress during their visit, start with a soothing and relaxing essential oil or essential oil blend. If they want a more invigorating session, use several drops of Lemon and Peppermint as pre-hand-massage mood setter or check out this list of stimulating essential oils. (Remind your clients not to touch their eyes immediately following their hand massage.)


Diffuse a blend of equal parts of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils in your waiting area to create a beautiful and uplifting atmosphere for pampering your clients. Ask the client about their mood and offer grounding, uplifting, and stress lowering essential oils to diffuse during their session in the treatment room. If you do not have a diffuser in each treatment room, apply the essential oils to cotton balls and place throughout the room.



Do you own a spa or wellness center and are interested in integrating essential oils into your services?

Besides assisting you in selecting the right essential oils for your business and your customers, you will receive guidance and tips on how to best integrate them into your services, along with two major benefits you can see below:

Customer experience and education are key in establishing lasting relationships!

Let a professional aromatherapist help you create the best regimens for your clientele.

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