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Quality impacts “Safety” and “Benefits” directly.
As a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist, I use and recommend only the highest quality essential oils available on the market. Interested in learning more?  Read this in depth article on which factors impact essential oil quality. Browse Essential Oils below.

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Customized Essential Oil Products

As a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist, I offer my customers personalized essential oil products, blending essential oils that will work BEST FOR YOU in the right dosage, using a delivery method that is most efficient and convenient for you:

Personal Inhaler ($9.50)
10ml roll-on (starting at $24.00)
5ml diffuser blend (starting at $20.00)
15ml diffuser blend (starting at $28.00)
1 oz lotion (starting at $24.00)
2 oz lotion (starting at $40.00)
Foaming wash (starting at $18.00)
Misters (starting at $20.00)
and more!

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