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Customized Essential Oil Products

As a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist, I offer my customers personalized essential oil products, blending essential oils that will work BEST FOR YOU in the right dosage, using a delivery method that is most efficient and convenient for you:

Personal Inhaler ($9.50)
10ml roll-on (starting at $24.00)
5ml diffuser blend (starting at $20.00)
15ml diffuser blend (starting at $28.00)
1 oz lotion (starting at $24.00)
2 oz lotion (starting at $40.00)
Foaming wash (starting at $18.00)
Misters (starting at $20.00)
and more!

Essential Oils Customized Aromatherapy Products Aromatherapist

Looking for an essential oil or blend you don’t see or like to talk about receiving a personalized aromatherapy product?

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