As a Professional Aromatherapist, I exclusive use and recommend the purest essential oils available on the market today. So many factors influence not only the quality of an essential oil but also sustainability and ethical aspects, that the majority of essential oils used in my custom products,  are essential oils sourced and produced by doTERRA. 

I purchase my essential oil supplies at WHOLESALE COST from doTERRA and SO CAN YOU!

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Essential Oils ~ Nutritional Supplements ~ Digestive Supplements
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In our household,  integrating a more natural approach to self care has extended far beyond diffusing and applying essential oils. We actively try to reduce our exposure to toxins by using healthier self care, personal care, and cleaning products.   In addition, we fortify our health with digestive supplements (digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc) and nutritional supplements.

My trusted source for these products is doTERRA, a company known Word wide for their dedication to not only producing the highest quality essential oils but supporting farmers, families and communities through their co-impact sourcing and healing hands foundation. Their dedication to changing lives all around the World by educating and supporting individual farmers, creating medical centers, water supplies and schools in poor communities, engaging in disaster relief efforts, and greatly supporting OUR an organization that is working to abolish child trafficking and rescues so many children —  was crucial in my decision to purchase my professional essential oil supplies and numerous personal care products, supplements, and cleaning supplies for our home from doTERRA. In 2020 we especially fell in LOVE with their hand sanitizer!

But the benefits of saving 25% on my purchases is not only available to me but to you too. 

Please feel free to browse doTERRA’s vast selection of healthy lifestyle products infused with essential oils (click on “SHOP” in the top menu).

No monthly orders required. No minimum order amounts. It’s like having a Costco membership.

Conveniently buy what you need, when you need it by logging into your online account. If you start using various healthy lifestyle products and order more frequently, you may want to look into their option to join their loyalty rewards program to earn points back on your purchases, up to 30% of your order total which really adds up and lets you get products for free (see more details).

You can start your wholesale membership by selecting individual products ($35 membership fee to sign up, annual renewal only $25) or with a KIT offering a selection of products for even more discounts ($35 membership fee already included).

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Whatever your needs are, if you have any questions or like support with setting up your wholesale account, simply contact me and let me help you on your journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

Why set up your doTERRA Account with me?

You’ll be able to tap into an incredible amount of resources provided by me your NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist. My goal is to support your healthy lifestyle goals and guide you through free education, online classes, workshops, DIY sessions, access to video recordings, eBooks, and Blog articles sharing valuable tips and information. Plus, you can take advantage of very personalized support and guidance!

Any questions? Simply contact me.