What to expect from Your
4 Week Wellness Plan

Step 1

Your Journey to Wellness Starts with a 60 Minute One-On-One Session

Enjoy a 60 minute session (in person, via phone or video zoom session) where we will discuss your health history, specific challenges you are facing, and your overall wellness goals. Together we will pinpoint focus areas affecting your overall wellbeing as a basis for your wellness plan.

Step 2

Selecting Tools & Routines

We will take a look at all areas of health and wellbeing, see how much time you live in your sympathetic nervous system vs. parasympathetic nervous system on a daily basis, look at stress reduction tools and techniques and how to create balance (in the midst of chaos and struggle which we often can’t escape) because stress can be a major factor impacting emotional as well as physical wellness. We will work on boosting your energy levels and quality of your sleep. Discuss ways to reduce toxic load and improve vitality. Implement routines to aid self discovery and help shift your mindset, moving your energy towards how you want to feel, physically and emotionally.

Your wellness journey with me helps you discover tools and routines that work for you, allowing you to step into your own power. I always ask my clients to see our relationship of working together as a car and driver. The tools and routines we are selecting will be your car, I’m the GPS helping guide the way, and you are the driver. You are always in control. You can speed things up, slow them down, we can take a detour if necessary. Important is your mindset. You are in control of your health and wellness journey. If you don’t get in the car and drive, it’s not going to take you anywhere new.

Step 3

Receive Your Personalized Wellness Plan.

Receive your personalized FOUR WEEK WELLNESS PLAN with daily and weekly regimens to support your PHYSICAL and/or EMOTIONAL wellness challenges. Your wellness plan will include tools and routines (which incorporate essential oils but go far beyond essential oils) along with a tracking chart and weekly 15-20 minute sessions to check in, get feedback and additional support if needed. Each new week builds upon the previous week. My integrative approach will make everything easy for you, broken down into simple steps that integrate seamlessly into YOUR LIFE and YOUR DAILY ROUTINES. Everything will be tailored towards your physical and emotional support needs and personal preferences. BECAUSE only what we do regularly will create lasting change! Together we can achieve that and work from one four week plan to the next, until you feel you LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE and ENJOY life again.

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One 60 Minute Session
Four 20 Minute Sessions
Weekly Wellness Plans with Guidance & Tracker
Samples of all Aromatherapy Tools Needed!

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4 Week Wellness Plan
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Aromatherapy Tools

Made-for-You Aromatherapy Products
Scarlet creates personalized essential oil products taking into consideration your age, health history, allergies or sensitivities, medications you may be taking, and the best dilution ratio and delivery method for YOU. Customized aromatherapy tools are a professional service that is hard to find! Receive customized blends, roll-ons, sprays, lotions, inhalers, and more.

Purchase Single Essential Oils & Blends
Looking for highest quality Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends or Personal Care Products? You can purchase those directly from Scarlet at retail cost or take advantage of a 25% discount when opening a wholesale account (see details).

Appointment Location

During Pandemic ONLY Phone & Video Appointments will be available.

Phone & ZOOM Video Appointments:
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Office Appointments:
Scarlet offers appointments at her Sarasota office location 3277 Fruitville Road, Bldg. C Suite 2, Sarasota, FL.

Travel Appointments:
As a traveling aromatherapist, Scarlet also offers “house calls” for clients and their families (at their home) as well as “business aromatherapy sessions” for companies, health care facilities, health and fitness studios, and clubs at their location to establish convenient wellness sessions for employees, members or patients.

“I’m looking forward to helping you create lasting change!” 

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