emotions and essential oils

“Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make all the difference. An idea, a spark ignited by a thought… Our life is like an oil painting, allowing us to paint our experiences on a gigantic canvas called LIFE. Ever evolving. Flexible. Rich in texture and depths. We just have to remember that we are the artist, we hold the brush, we create with every stroke. Sometimes I tend to forget about that. Sometimes the brush feels too heavy. Sometimes just looking at my canvas, I feel overwhelmed. Like a painter we need inspiration, to pick up the brush with a vision and pick the right colors to add the highlights that change the perception of what is, grasping the nuances of what can be…

The size of brush portrays our actions.
The movement of our brush strokes reflects our energy.
The colors we select symbolize our feelings.

Let’s work together to brighten the colors,
to bring back energy and motion to our brush strokes,
giving shape to our imagination of what we dream
our life could be.

Let’s work together to brighten the colors, to bring back energy and motion to our brush strokes, giving shape to our imagination of what we dream our life could be.

Let’s dig deeper into the color palette ofour feelings

Sometimes our color palette is darker and more gloomy.
Sometimes it is filled with vibrant colors and beautiful light.
Sometimes we experience feelings more subtle, hardly noticeable.
Sometimes we experience feelings strong, like a wave, crushing, holding us down.
Sometimes we experience feelings that lift us up, carry us, to beautiful heights.
Sometimes we let our feelings rise to the surface.
Sometimes we try to hide our feelings or bury them.

Almost everywhere, the feelings we experience are divided into two groups, “positive” and “negative”. Personally, I do not use those terms. To me those words carry judgment: “positive” – feelings we are allowed to have (or should have), and “negative” as something bad, something we shouldn’t feel (or shouldn’t show). In essence, emotions are simply messages, an alert to pay attention. Life is about learning how to acknowledge and interpret these messages, how to move through them, express them, and move forward, without getting stuck, learning, evolving and growing, developing resilience and feeling better equipped for the journey called “Life”.

As humans we are creatures of habit which includes our emotional responses. From a very young age we observe, learn and develop responses to emotional triggers. Those habitual emotional responses seem to be engraved in our brains. Think of a trigger that will always instill anger in you or fear. Think of a trigger that will always put a smile on your face and make you feel happy.

Important is that we develop a skillset that enables us to master feelings and support personal growth. Some of these skills could include getting to know ourselves better and paying attention to what triggers certain feelings. How do we acknowledge, express, and process a feeling? How do we try to move forward? Do we create healthy boundaries not to take on the emotions of others? Do we practice self care, physical and emotional?  Using meditations, affirmations, EFT tapping, journaling, Yoga, physical exercise, and supportive essential oils can help create a healthy body-mind connection. And last but not least, one of the most important tools in our repertoire, creating a support system by having a counselor, coach or therapist, family members and friends, to help us along on our journey.

We need to develop a skillset that helps us to ACT and not merely react.

Let’s work together to brighten the colors, to bring back energy and motion to your brush strokes, giving shape to your dream of what your life could be.
I am here to guide and support you with your personal growth, working towards how you “want to feel” in body-mind-spirit.

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