How to Reduce the Amount of Pesticides on our Fruits & Vegetables

A 2012 report from the American Academy of Pediatricians that’s quoted by EWG suggested that pesticide exposure is linked to “pediatric cancers, decreased cognitive function, [...]

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Tight Muscles and Essential Oils

Can You Soothe Tense Muscles Using Essential Oils? Muscle cramps can be very painful. Common causes for muscle cramps in your legs or even toes [...]

Dogs Loss of Appetite and Essential Oils

Dogs Loss of Appetite and How Essential Oils May Help Dog loss of appetite can be caused by various factors. It is important to find [...]

Essential Oils & Hydration

Essential Oils Can Help Support Proper Hydration It's summer and it's hot in Florida but not only in Florida! We want to be outdoors, running, [...]

100% Natural Fabric Softener & Cling Reducer

Create you own soft, beautifully scented, feel-good laundry -- without toxic chemicals! Substitute chemically driven fabric softeners for an all-natural, toxic-free alternative that is much [...]