Lately, more and more people have been approaching me asking…

“What do YOU do to try and stay healthy?”

So I’m happy to share in a video and detailed article my comprehensive list of lifestyle tools and tips that have helped me and my family have more peace of mind when thinking about the immune system and respiratory system, and how we can best support them through living  a healthier lifestyle. Please see below my outline of what I’m about to share with you.

For the Immune System to function well, it requires balance and harmony.

A healthy lifestyle is the first line of defense in keeping our immune system strong and healthy.

So, let’s see what we will be taking a closer look at:

Washing Hands Washing Produce Gargling
Hand Sanitizer Rest & Sleep Sitting a Lot
Reducing Stress Gut Health Boosting Antioxidants
Vitamins & Minerals Chicken Broth Tea
Hydration Vagus Nerve Vibrational Energy
Sugar Smoking & Alcohol Essential Oils
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