Ready to Get Serious about Making Changes? Great!

Step 1

Let’s assess where to start.

Using an assessment tool (questionnaire or scan) we will determine your top areas of focus (physical and emotional) that need to be addressed to affect change and experience lasting results.

Step 2

One-on-One Questions & Answers

Enjoy a 60 minute consultation (in person, phone or video zoom session) discussing your health history, your overall wellness goals, and getting specific with areas of physical and emotional wellbeing you like to focus on first.

Step 3

Personalized Wellness Plan

Receive your personalized wellness plan with daily and weekly regimens, including when to take breaks, and when to switch things up. My integrative approach will make everything easy for you, easy to use, easy to incorporate. Everything will be tailored to your needs and daily routines. Only what we do regularly will create lasting change. Your personalized plan will make it easy for you to achieve that.

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Receive FREE Essential Oil Samples to Try!

Receive a FREE 30 min Follow-up Consultation after 10 Days.

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