Opening and Balancing Chakras with Essential Oils

Chakras are flowing energetic vibrations associated with emotional and spiritual energy, linked and in tune with each other. When one or multiple chakras are blocked or unbalanced, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is affected.

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils have inherent energetic vibrations with the ability to assist in opening and balancing energy flow, aiding in restoring harmony to the chakras.

Each chakra is part of the whole chakra system, interlinking all chakras dynamically through the flow of energy. Therefore, when balancing chakras we should not only consider working on the chakra we feel is “blocked” or “unbalanced” but work with the chakras above and below and work with the whole chakra system to experience lasting effects and shifts in energetic flow.

It is normal to experience blocks and imbalances from time to time which can be caused by stressors (life, work, social, emotional and physical) as well as unhealthy habits. When the flow of energy is disrupted or blocked, we can start feeling less vibrant or energetic, exhausted, drained and even sick.

Essential oils can be wonderful supportive tools in our practice to restore the flow of energy and balance to the chakras and overall chakra system. Apply essential oils as suggested for each chakra essential oil blend before meditation, yoga, mantra, chanting, using colors, gems or other chakra opening and balancing practices.

Pair Using Essential Oils with a Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Bracelet!

Apply your chakra balancing essential oil blend on the lava bead in the middle between your the chakra correlating gemstone beads. The scent of essential oils stays on lava beads for up to 24 hours giving you even greater support with balancing your chakras all day long.

Add a Chakra Balancing Bracelet
Chakra balancing aromatherapy essential oils bracelet

Beautiful crystal gemstones:
Red Agate (root chakra), Carnelian (sacral chakra), Jade (solar plexus chakra), Green Moss Agate (heart chakra), Aquamarine Tiger Eye (throat chakra), Royal Blue Tiger Eye (third eye chakra), Amethyst (crown chakra) each paired with a lava bead for essential oils application.