Life can be very challenging at times. I’ve had my personal share of facing very difficult times, some days so dark, filled with tears and sorrow making it difficult to see the light. But no matter how hard times may have been, I’ve always held on to the strong belief that thinking about something I’m grateful for, even during the most challenging of times, has helped me shift my energy. Every evening before I fall asleep, I try to think about something I’m grateful for, not just for a second but really thinking about what it means to me.

Besides feeling grateful (for even the smallest things) every single day, it is just as powerful to express gratitude towards others. It creates positive energy not just for yourself but also for the other person. Expressing how much you appreciate someone’s effort or support, kind words, someone really listening to what you are sharing, someone checking in on how you are doing, someone sending you a funny meme to make you laugh — think about your interactions with others in person or virtual and express your gratitude – a phone call, a sweet message, an image that shows how much you appreciate them. It will uplift you and the other person!

If you don’t already practice a daily ‘moment of gratitude’ I challenge you, for one whole week, create a daily ritual for a moment of gratitude and express gratitude towards another person at least once day, to see how your energy levels will shift.

We can make the World a better place with gratitude and kindness.

My favorite essential oils blended together to open the heart and mind for gratitude:

Black Spruce or Palmarosa,
and Bergamot.