Give Yourself Permission to Heal

Giving myself permission to heal?
What does that mean?

I think I’m speaking for many of us when I’m saying that often we don’t take the time we need for ourselves. We tend to jump right back in, chores around the house, taking care of the kids or grandkids, working, being there for others and their needs. We feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves. We try to rush the process, thereby only prolonging what we are struggling with.  Keeping on struggling and juggling, our focus and energy often stays with the wellness issue we are dealing with, whether physical or emotional. We rob ourselves of the opportunity to shift our focus and energy towards healing, towards truly making progress and feeling better. Giving myself permission, takes away feeling guilty taking time for myself. Giving myself permission, I’m aware and conscious of what I need to focus on to heal.

“Today I pledge, I give myself permission to heal.”

Helpful Essential Oil Blend:

Sandalwood – promoting clarity
Ylang Ylang – promoting self love
Cypress – promoting flow of energy
Eucalyptus – let go of attachment to illness
Bergamot – shift towards optimism and feeling well