One of the most frequent support question I get is ‘how can I increase my energy levels’. Feeling overwhelmed and low on energy is a common challenge for many, myself included. So we are constantly looking to find ways to boost our energy levels.

The starting point in boosting energy is really increasing ‘SELF AWARENESS’ – really looking into what makes our energy dip. We often generalize and say what drains our energy is ‘work’ or ‘the kids’ but what specifically is it that drains our energy? Making notes throughout the day of when we start feeling drained or what specifically happened or triggered our energy to dip, is a great starting point of making changes. Is it the amount of work or a specific type of task? A certain person at work? Constantly multitasking? — I think you get the point. Only when we know the ‘root’ cause of an issue, do we have the chance to create real change. Yes, there are essential oils that can help boost mental and physical energy and I’ll get to them below but we really need to tackle the energy issue at its root to really start feeling better and consistently feel that our energy levels are where we want them to be.

TIP: Take notes for a whole week:

When did I feel my energy slip (date and time)?
What was I doing right before?
What was the specific trigger?

After making notes for a week, sit down when you have a quiet moment and go over them. See if you notice any patterns and pin point your main triggers. Then you can brainstorm about how to make small changes, reorganize, ask for support, set boundaries, try a different approach — find small solutions and steps so your energy draining triggers have less of an impact on you going forward. Even if you start with changing just one little thing and letting it become routine, it will have an impact. Then you can build on that, changing another little thing, letting it become routine — until you’ve tackled all your major triggers that make your energy dip. Don’t feel like you have to do it all at once, that often makes us feel overwhelmed, and we end up doing nothing CONSISTENTLY.  Small steps can have the biggest impact!

Additional Tips: Support your mental and physical energy levels by incorporating…

  • proper hydration
  • healthy diet (carbs and sugars drain energy)
  • physical exercise (7 minute high intensity cardio is all it takes to boost energy levels)
  • meditation (to let the mind rest)
  • find ways to better manage strong emotions (strong emotions drain energy)
  • find ways to increase compassion and understanding (getting upset or irritated drains energy)
  • practice a healthy morning and bedtime routine (sleep is important for energy levels)
  • incorporate energy boosting essential oils (see tips below)

My favorite energy boosting essential oils:

Peppermint, Spearmint, Black Pepper, Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Rosemary


DIFFUSING – Diffuse energy boosting essential oils at home, at work, in the car driving to and from work.

BACK OF NECK – For an immediate energy pick-me-up, apply a drop of Peppermint essential oil to the back of the neck.

INHALE – You can also apply a drop of Peppermint along with a citrus oil like Wild Orange to the palm of the hands, rub together to create a little heat, close eyes (do not touch eyes) and hold palms 6″ from face and breathe in and out, inhaling the scent of the Peppermint/Orange blend for an immediate energy and motivation boost.

DIFFUSER BRACELET OR NECKLACE – Apply a drop of Peppermint or another energy boosting essential oil to your aromatherapy jewelry, so you can benefit from the scent all day long.

There is also an energy boosting supplement which I can recommend: Mito2Max.

Many of my customers have also felt lasting energy boosting effects taking a supplement called Life Long Vitality. Click on the link to read about all the important health benefits this supplement offers. Try it for an entire month and if you don’t feel it makes a difference for you, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund (empty bottles have to be received within 45 days from order).

As always, I hope this article contains some helpful information.

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