When in the midst of struggle or self doubt, it can be challenging to find the resolve to truly believe in ourselves. Self belief is so important as it really works two fold: helping us move forward, finding the strength to go after our goals but also because it brings out the best in others around us! Here are a few tips and tools that may help boost self belief. If you’ve read my article on “How to get better at Self Love“, then a some of the items below will sound familiar, as self love is really one of the backbones to strengthening self belief. So, if you haven’t read it yet, make sure to take a few minutes to take a look.

Positive Words
Only use positive words when talking to yourself in your head or speaking about yourself. Reframe negative thoughts in a positive way.

Be Your Greatest Cheerleader
Don’t wait for support or praise from others, cheer yourself on like you would cheer on your very best friend.

Be Proud of Yourself
Look at any achievement, no matter how small, and practice being proud of yourself. Maybe even reward yourself in a healthy way for an achievement.

Challenge Yourself
Try something outside your comfort zone and reward yourself for even trying, no matter the outcome.

Nurture Yourself
Nurture your body, to nurture your spirit. Be conscious of the brain-mood-nutrient connection and feed your body with essential nutrients.

Movement & Exercise
Walking, biking, exercising, dancing, nature hiking, and other sports or exercises that get our heart pumping, stimulate the production of feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins, which can strengthen our resolve and self belief.

Become Mindful
Turn your focus inward, listen to your body and emotional needs and put the importance on them they deserve.

Set Healthy Boundaries
Learn when to say no and focus on developing healthy and positive relationships.

Improve Stress Coping Skills
Work on improving coping skills to achieve greater balance and thrive even during stressful times. Find the right tools to relieve and manage stress.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs
Shift your self image from “I’m not…” to “I am…(positive word)”, from “I can’t” to “I can…”. Set yourself small achievable goals, praise yourself for the progress you are making.

Stop Comparing
Comparisons are unhealthy, they can make us feel envious and bad about ourselves or our life. Recognize your triggers and become fully aware of the negative impact they have on you. Let the thoughts pass through, don’t attach to then, instead turn your full focus on something you are grateful for.

End Self Judgement
Turn your “I should have…” thoughts into “I did the best I could at the time” and release yourself from self judgement, self blame or feelings of shame.

Strike a Pose
Stand for 2 minutes, feet hip width apart, hands on hips, chest out, tall, striking the “Wonder Woman” pose. According to Amy Cuddy (Harvard University) our body language shapes who we are.

Affirmations & Mantras
Find a few affirmations or mantras that speak to you and tie them into regular occurring task / situation (i.e. brushing teeth, washing hands, loading the dishwasher, waiting a red light). Here a few samples that boost positivity and self belief:

“I will succeed”
“I’m strong and resourceful”
“I am ready to create change”

“There is nothing that will hold me back”

Strengthen Positivity
Positivity fuels the perception that we “CAN” achieve something, which fuels self belief. All the items listed above may help us become more positive.

My favorite essential oils to accompany the journey of boosting self belief:

Bergamot, Neroli, Wild Orange, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Patchouli, Cedarwood

My favorite essential oils to help release limiting beliefs:

Cypress, Black Spruce, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Bergamot

“Boosting Self Belief & Releasing Limiting Beliefs” blend (10ml):

1 drop Ylang Ylang
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Cedarwood
3 drops Cypress or Black Spruce
3 drops Juniper Berry
6 drops Bergamot
6 drops Grapefruit

Fill remainder with fractionated coconut oil.