How Do I Ease Feelings of Anxiousness?

This is a question which is very frequently asked. Here are some tips that can be very helpful to shift from feeling anxious towards feeling calmer and more grounded.

  1. Use Calming Essential Oils
  2. Develop a Grounding Morning, Daytime & Evening Routine
  3. Incorporate Affirmations
  4. Practice Breathing Exercises
  5. Divert Your Focus
  6. Incorporate Calming Exercises


#1 – Use Calming Essential Oils to Ease Feelings of Anxiousness

It can be beneficial to diffuse or apply topically calming/grounding/soothing essential oils throughout the day, in the car, at work (if possible) to ease feelings of anxiousness.

Some great choices are:

Roman Chamomile

The following blends can also be helpful:

Blissful Tranquility

Best ways to use these calming essential oils:

  • Diffuse 2-4 drops in aromatherapy diffuser
  • apply to inside of wrists and rub together several times a day as needed
  • apply to chest over the heart area as needed
  • apply to lava bead on aromatherapy bracelet or necklace to smell throughout the day
  • apply to inside of palms, rub hands together to create a little bit of heeat, hold 6” from face, close eyes, inhale for 1-2 minutes as needed

When using essential oils topically, make sure to dilute appropriately or purchase a roll-on essential oil that is ready-to-use.

#2 – Develop a Grounding Morning, Daytime and Evening Routine

Please read this in-depth article with tips on developing grounding routines, to ease feelings of anxiousness.

#3 – Incorporate Affirmations

Find a few affirmations or mantras that speak to you and tie them into regular occurring tasks / situations throughout the day (i.e. brushing teeth, washing hands, waiting at a red light, putting the cell phone down, etc.). Here a few examples that may ease feelings of anxiousness:

“I am safe an under no direct threat.”
“As I relax breathing out, all anxiousness leaves my body.”
“When I’m anxious, I’m just uncomfortable. I will be okay.”

“I will let all anxious feelings flow through and out.”

#4 – Breathing Exercises

Incorporate 2 minutes of calming breathing exercises throughout the day. Click here for video and tips. Breathing exercises help you take control of your heart rate and your muscle tension.

#5 – Divert Your Focus

Try the 5-4-3-2-1 technique which is the most common grounding technique because it calls upon all the senses to bring you back to the present. It involves thinking about:  Five things you can see;
Four things you can feel;
Three things you can hear;
Two things you can smell; and
One thing you can taste in your immediate environment.

Bringing the focus to things in your physical world slows your heart rate and takes your attention off intense anxious feelings.

#6 – Incorporate Calming Exercises

Incorporate regular calming and grounding exercises such as meditation, walking, yoga or chi gong into your daily/weekly routines. This will help boost inner balance, resilience, and helps to create a foundation to feel calmer and more grounded which grows and gets stronger with time.