Mindset is so important! Even during the most challenging times, there is always something good, if ever so small, we just need to open our heart and mind.

Look for positive things, focus on them, thereby drawing more positive energy towards you. I know it easier said than done, especially on the dark days — I know because I’ve had my share of them. But still, I was always searching, for the smallest flicker of something positive and good. Feeling grateful and extending gratitude towards others, every day. One of the darkest times was after losing my husband to cancer and you may ask yourself, how can one see anything good in such a loss. There simply isn’t. There is nothing good in losing someone you love dearly. But I learned that I had to shift my focus, looking at the good he had left behind. All the wonderful memories, how he helped me grow as a person, our beautiful children and all the joy they are bringing me. So sometimes when faced with a terrible situation, I feel I just need to shift my focus away from what I can’t change, and see the positive that came before, other positive things ‘surrounding’ the current situation, fueling hope for a positive future.

My favorite essential oils to help find the good things in the midst of struggle are:

Frankincense, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Cypress, Wild Orange, and Cardamom.