Want to make a change? Striving for a new goal?

We all have the best of  intentions when we set out to make changes in life, especially when a new year starts. But often we just can’t stick with it. It is hard to let go of old patterns, to let go of what seems to be holding us back, to stay motivated day in and day out, and feel positive and inspired to stay the course despite of little challenges or obstacles that seem to want to throw us off.

So, here is my “NEW BEGINNINGS” essential oils kit:

FORGIVE — forgive yourself, forgive others, be able to let go of things that keep holding you back.

MOTIVATE — stay motivated to make the changes happen you want to make in your life, your health, your job, your relationships.

CHEER — feel positive and inspired!

Trust in yourself, be strong, be bold, be fearless and make it happen!

Apply Motivate to the inside of your wrists in the morning after getting ready for the day. Reapply after lunch and whenever you feel your motivation or energy dip.

Apply Forgive to a lava bead on your aromatherapy bracelet or necklace. Smell throughout the day when needed. Apply to inside of palms and inhale from your palms whenever you feel the need to “let go”, keep your energy flowing and move past blockages. Apply to inside of wrists every night before going to bed.

Apply Cheer over heart area three times a day.

“NEW BEGINNINGS” essential oils kit for only $59 — free shipping!