Release and Let Go

A particular blend I’d love to focus on this month is called “Forgive”. It is designed to support forgiveness and renewal. Practicing forgiveness is essential for being able to “LET GO”. Often the first thing we think of when we hear “forgiveness”, is that we are asked to forgive others for what they might have done to us, hurting our emotions, ruining relationships or other assaults on our personality or way of life. That is only one way of “forgiving”.

Let Yourself Off the Hook

The other and somehow much more important part is forgiving ourselves, letting ourselves off the hook. Often holding a grudge and not forgiving someone else, does not affect the other person at all. The other person may be completely unaware of how they may have made us feel, how they crossed a line (because for them it didn’t exist), how it may have affected our thoughts and our life. So forgiving someone else, first and foremost sets yourself free, is letting “me” of the hook, releasing blocked energy that now can flow freely again and be directed towards something positive.

Deep Seeded Emotions and Traumas

Sometimes we may also want to forgive ourselves but we torment our brain with thoughts such as “Why didn’t I see this coming?” “How did I put up with this for so long?” “Why didn’t I make a different choice when I had the chance?” “Why didn’t I stand up for myself?” “Why didn’t I say what I was feeling?” – We are always so hard on ourselves. In reality, we probably did the best we could at the time, with the knowledge we had, under the circumstances we were in, with the consequences we were faced with…. So to be able to forgive, release and experience renewal, we first have to access those emotions but guilt, blame, fear and traumas are often stuffed deep down but still affecting our daily life and life choices. My professional advice is, seek professional support from a therapist, coach or counselor when going through the process of bringing up and releasing repressed traumas, deep seeded feelings and difficult to process emotions.

Letting Go of Little Things

The Forgive Blend I’m introducing today can be a great supportive tool we can use when practicing to let go of the “little” things that happen in daily life. Learning not to attach to them, not to keep focusing our attention on it longer than absolutely necessary, not unsettling our emotional balance. Just think about someone cutting you off in traffic, a co-worker talking about you in a disrespectful way, someone cutting in line at the grocery store, someone you love not supporting your new idea, your family member picking a fight, your child not doing their expected chores – there are so many “little” things that can come at us on a daily basis where practicing to “acknowledge” “process” and then “release and let go” can be of great value. We want to keep our energy flowing and not have our thoughts going in circles sucking up all our energy and deterring from what is important. Plus, I’ve personally found that practicing “release & let go” on little things, has helped me with processing “bigger” situations better.

Details about this wonderful blend that has become one of my daily GO-TOs

Forgive combines essential oils of Spruce, Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Arborvitae, Nootka, Thyme, and Citronella. The Spruce essential oil in this blend is a wonderful tool to assist in clearing “Emotional Blockages” and supporting emotional cleansing, it is grounding and energizing at the same time, and helps to bring about a sense of harmony within ourselves. Bergamot helps us with self acceptance and self love which are essential for truly forgiving ourselves and letting go. Juniper Berry helps us with soothing irrational fears. Thyme allows us to access trapped feelings which may have been buried for a long time, it helps us to access and release those emotions, so we are able to let go and move forward. Nootka helps to release emotional turmoil to move forward with more clarity. Myrrh, is nurturing allowing us to feel loved, secure, and grounded. Arborvitae helps us to surrender and trust. Citronella calms inner emotional conflict and helps relieve negative emotions and instills happy feelings and hope.

This blend is one of my personal favorites just because of my very own personal experience and how it has helped me to release stressful emotions and move forward with more clarity and inner peace on a daily basis.  It is available as a 10ml roll-on as well as a 5ml bottle.

Forgive 10ml Roll-on
Forgive 5ml Blend

Usage Tips

Apply the roll-on to inside of your wrists and rub wrists together, smell the beautiful oils from your wrists for a minute or two, and apply over heart area as well.  You may also apply it to the pulse points on your neck. You can repeat this 3-4 times a day as needed. Also, if you wear diffuser jewelry, apply it to a lava bead, this way you can smell it from your bracelet or necklace for up to 24 hours right when things have happened and you feel you need a little bit of support to “let go” and move on.

Incorporate the blend with your practice of affirmations that support “release & let go”. Simply apply and inhale the oil blend before you say your affirmations, to make the benefits and experience even more powerful.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember a new routine, especially when our days are busy and we feel stressed. To make it easier, tie in your new routine of using the Forgive Blend with an existing routine or habit. For instance, if you use a breath mint after you eat something, just use your oil blend at the same time.  Other ideas: every time after you’ve used the restroom when you are done washing your hands  or every time you apply your lip balm. Just find something you do on a regular basis throughout the day and attach using the Forgive oil to that. Keep this oil blend with you at all times. Attach a sense of importance to it like carrying your wallet and driver’s license. It has made a great difference in my life and I hope it will affect valuable change for you, too.

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