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25 years ago I moved with my husband and 3 month old son from Germany to Connecticut working for the subsidiary of a German Publishing Company as their Director of Product Development and Graphic Design. Two years later we had a baby girl. Life was good, raising a family, healthy children, a good job, nice colleagues and friends. But life had more in store for me. The past two decades have been rather challenging physically and emotionally.

It all started with a car accident on the Interstate where a drunk driver hit my car and I fractured my C5 facet, suffered a severe concussion, whiplash, and other minor injuries. I can’t even describe the extend of pain I was in for months and years to come. Besides the pain, it was really difficult to live with loud ringing in my ears and the short term memory loss I suffered affected my family and work. At the time of the accident our third child was still a baby, plus we had recently moved to Sarasota. New to the area, we had no support network. No family, no friends. My husband took care of me, our baby and two older children, and ran our business by himself. We had meanwhile started our own photography and website development business a few years early.

Nearly a year after my accident, my husband collapsed. We thought his stomach pains were always just stress related, little did we know that he had developed stomach cancer. By the time it was found, it had already spread to his lymph nodes. Doctors gave him a 7% chance to survive. I fell into severe depression. I did not know how I would be able to take care of my kids, run our business, and take care of my sick husband not being healthy myself. After six months of the devastating news, I was able to recover from depression without using medication. I also found an all natural approach that was gradually helping me to reduce my headaches and neck pain. It took several years to be able to start living almost pain free and getting my range of motion back but I did it. During that time my husband lost his battle with cancer. People who haven’t lost a spouse can not relate to the pain it causes. To watch your children suffer and miss their daddy so much simply breaks your heart over and over again.

Even though I did not have family in the US, I decided to stay here for my children. They grew up here, loved their friends, school, soccer teams. If I would have uprooted them and brought them back to Germany, I was afraid it would have completely destroyed them. The loss of their dad was difficult enough. So I had to juggle school pick-up times, soccer practices and matches and work til midnight every day just to fit everything in I had to take care of every day. My only support here was my best friend Karen who had become over the years of friendship more like a sister to me than a friend. Sadly, Karen was also sick with cancer. To go through it again with someone I loved dearly took a toll on me emotionally. A few years after my husband died Karen lost her battle with cancer. You can’t imagine the grief, the hole it left in my heart, the fear I developed of losing people I loved.

All the stress over the years had affected my health greatly, physically and emotionally. Four years ago during a routine exam for abdominal pains something unexpected happened and I went into cardiac arrest. In the efforts to bring me back, one of my ribs fractured and the defibrillator had to be used four times to get my heart back. It took me a year to recover. My heart was only working 20% and I had PTSD from the near death experience. Only a couple of years earlier, I had remarried and my husband took good care of me and played a major role in my recovery.

Just as I was starting to feel better my youngest daughter got very ill with a cold and flu. We learned months later that the severe illness had damaged her autonomic nervous system. Now her heart no longer receives the right signals from the brain as soon as she gets up. Her heart no longer pumps enough blood to her brain, vital organs, and extremities. It makes a person feel lethargic, tired legs, severe headaches, ice cold hands and feet, abdominal pains, chest pains, back pains, development of anxiety, problems with focus and memory – just to mention a few. When her physicians told me that there is no medication for her illness and no cure, I know I had to find something in the holistic field that would make her feel better. I know I’m not able to cure what she has but being able to improve her quality of life was my main goal. That’s when I discovered therapeutic grade essential oils and they have become indispensable in our daily lives.

Why am I sharing all of this? Every time I was confronted with a physical or emotional challenge, it was always an all natural approach which helped me to move forward. I’m not the only person with a challenging life and I hope that other people visiting my website who might be faced with similar challenges will perhaps reach out to me. I love to share my personal experiences and all natural tools I use which help me feel better, live healthier, and affect so many other people’s lives in a positive way.

I believe that my purpose in life is to help others. I’ve been put to the test with injuries, illness, loss, emotional challenges, near death experience – all this has made me compassionate as I can relate to what someone else might be going through and sparked my passion to help.

Please contact me.

I’m looking forward to hearing your story and see how I could help.

Have a wonderful day,



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