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Stress Recovery Course Online

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Stress, not sleeping well, and anxious feelings can be the underlying cause for many health and wellness issues, or the culprit that has been preventing you from achieving your wellness goals in first place.

Use this 6 Week Course & Kit to feel more like yourself again!

Step 1

Receive Your Kit:

Four 5ml Essential Oils

Two 5ml Essential Oil Roll-ons

Two Personal Inhalers

& Surprise Gift

Step 2

Receive Simple & Easy Routines:

Every week we will focus on one particular area and seamlessly incorporate one little routine into your daily lifestyle habits. Each routine is supported by an aromatherapy tool from your kit.

Online Stress Reduction Course, Sleep Better, Feel more Balanced

Step 3

Gradual Changes – Lasting Results:

Before you know it, you’ll see yourself creating powerful changes. Feeling more balanced. Lessening the effects of stress on your body and mind. Awakening more rested.

more restful sleep with essential oils

But That’s Not All!

Hotline Support

You’ll receive FREE HOTLINE SUPPORT (via phone, text, or email) for any questions or guidance you may need during the term of the course regarding the kit and the little routines you are integrating. Sometimes all you need is a quick answer or a tip on modifying a routine. Your success is my goal!

Receive $25 Checks

Be rewarded for sharing, for caring, for instilling hope in others that life can get easier, that we have tools to reduce the effects of stress, feel more grounded, and can increase energy and mood. Every time someone registers for this course and lists your name as their referral source, you’ll receive a $25 check in the mail.

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