Wellness Consultation Aromatherapy ConsultationQuality is key when it comes to essential oils. It directly impacts how effective the essential oil will be and the benefit you will experience. High quality, 100% pure tested grade essential oils are also the safest essential oils to use.

Click here to read a blog post explaining in detail which factors determine essential oil quality.

The essential oils Scarlet uses are of highest quality standards, 100% certified pure tested grade, used by research scientists, nurses and physicians, and many other professionals.

If you are serious about your health, don’t compromise when it comes to quality. You have the option to purchase single essential oils and essential oil blends retail or wholesale (saves 25%). Scarlet also offers custom made blends, wellness and beauty products made just for you,  taking into consideration your personal needs and circumstances.



Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to essential oil choices and how to use them properly? No worries, you’ll be guided by me with essential tips and easy to follow instructions, making it simple to integrate essential oils into your daily routines.

Essential Oils and Custom Essential Oil Products by Scarlet Strapko

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