For thousands of years mankind has used plants especially herbs, tinctures and essential oils to fortify, support, protect, beautify the skin, and deepen spiritual connection. Just this last century, we seem to have deviated from that path. But with all the challenges we are facing, turning to nature, looking for answers and support, has brought me comfort, peace, and hope. We all need to realize that living a healthier lifestyle is our first line of defense. Dialing down our stress levels. Fortifying our body and cells. Making sure we actually feel rested when we wake up in the morning. Taking care of our emotional balance and wellbeing. So, I’m a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist which means I specialize in educating people in the safe and most beneficial way we can use therapeutic grade essential oils. But I didn’t start out like that. My journey began as a mother looking for answers to some difficult challenges one of my kids was facing. Myself I was going through a phase where feelings of stress had become so great, that I could hardly eat, that I would wake up tired in the morning instead of rested, and where I constantly had nervous feelings in the pit of my stomach. But fast forward, I’ve experienced and learned so much, became NAHA Certified (NAHA is the national association for holistic aromatherapists) and changed the trajectory of my life. Helping people is what motivates me. Right now, many of us are struggling, we are faced with challenges and questions like never before. My gift to you is that I’ll help you find out which essential oils would be most beneficial to you and your family at this time. To bring back some peace of mind. To create more balance and harmony within. To strengthen and thereby protect what we feel has become fragile. To bring back a sense of security and instill feelings of hope. So my gift to you is that I will not charge you for my time to help you create a 90 day wellness plan for you and your family, provided that you are committed to using only the highest quality essential oils on the market. Quality directly affects the safety of using essential oils and the benefits we can experience, and doTERRA essential oils are the only essential oils I personally use and recommend. So if you are committed to that, I will give you another gift, which is give you the opportunity to get all those precious essential oils and any other healthy lifestyle products we determine will make a difference for you and your family, with a 25% discount for an entire year.  So, as long as you don’t have a doTERRA wholesale account  adready, I will pay for your wholesale membership fee, so you can start benefiting from these precious gifts of the Earth right away, at a 25% discount. And if you are already one of my wholesale customers, please reach out to me, I’ll help you put together your 90 day wellness plan, absolutely! This is my way of trying to give back, make a difference and help others because honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I wouldn’t have my essential oils. They are what I reach for every single day. Nature provides for us. Nature gives us the tools we need to live a healthier lifestyle. Reach out to me on the Myoilguide FB page or via the website. I’m looking forward to helping you.