stress release workshop

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Scarlet Strapko (FL & NC)

Stephanie Eckes (FL)

Bobbette Marks (FL)

Julie Dunton (NC)

Louis Bowman (NC)


“I took this workshop while I was at a weekend retreat. I found it not only very relaxing and restorative but informative and emjoyable. I appreciate the ideas given for me to bring some of this peace home with me. Thank you.” – Jen B., Bradenton

“Great, informative workshop on essential oils and restorative yoga. Learned so many practical ways to lower stress in my life with these two tools. Instructors Scarlet and Bobbette were knowledgeable, kind and calming. Can’t wait to come again.” – Sue Bradley, Sarasota

“Highly recommend!Very informative – I thought I knew already a lot about how stress works in the body but was surprised to learn so much more. Loved smelling all the different scents. Would definitely take the class again – very calming. Thank you!” – Kate Galantha, Winston-Salem

“Amazing!! Soothing, calming, and most informative. Exactly what I needed to round out my practice. I will be incorporating what I learned in this workshop into my own teaching.” – Louis Bowman, Yoga Instructor, Winston-Salem

“I completely enjoyed this workshop. Everyone needs this workshop!!” – Julie Dunton, Yoga Instructor, Winston-Salem

“It was very informative and well done. I enjoyed the format and the materials worked well together. I didn’t expect the emotional connection at the end. It was a nice and needed surprise. I’m very grateful I came and will recommend you to others.” – Juliette Edgerton, Sarasota

“Wow! Incredible workshop! Had such a breakthrough with the energy work and Scarlet, as always did such a great teaching on oils and stress!” – Colleen Campbell, Sarasota

“This was such a beautiful workshop filled with so much information! I felt really connected and left feeling relaxed and released any tensions that I arrived with.” – Martine Taylor, Sarasota

“I attended the Stress Reduction workshop with my grandmother and husband. We drove two hours and we were not disappointed! It was well worth the drive there and back. The instructors had a wonderful way of making the location feel welcoming and serene. We learned a vast amount of new information that benefited our everyday life. Which included: what essential oils are, how to use them to reduce stress, how to meditate, how to acknowledge what occurs within our bodies through energy work and emotions, proper meditation techniques, etc. I would love to attend more workshops. Well worth my time and the drive!” – Helina Basic, Clearwater

“A warm and comfortable environment. Knowledgeable on the subject. Great to be around strong women!” – Susan Linville, Sarasota

“Scarlett is simply an amazing person and everything she talks about is a sharing of profound knowledge and experience that comes from deep inside. The Stress Reduction & Balancing Emotions Workshop was very well structured, provided very interesting insights of how the body can get out of balance, the risks of illness that can come along with that and how to avoid this. Besides the specific oils Scarlet introduced a lot of other techniques to reduce stress and regain balance, we prepared our own inhaler and received a roll-on with essential oils that suit the individual situation. When we left this 2 hour event, we felt great, without even noticing how it happened, we all were very relaxed and in best mood. Thank you Scarlet, you are the best!” – Nadja Moeller, Sarasota

“I’ve attended many workshops on Stress Management that were well meaning but very esoteric. Scarlet’s message was clear and her delivery was “Interactive”. We were able to actually practice Stress Reduction with her Carly, a wonderful Reiki instructor and yoga teacher, and realize the positive effects right away. I felt more relaxed and well equipped by workshops end. Thank you Scarlet and Carly, very well done. You left us wanting more!” – Elizabeth Massey RN NCBF, Founder & CEO, “HealWell & THRIVE!!!”

“This workshop was amazing! Not only did I walk away feeling way better than when I first arrived, but the content, the flow, and the interactive session was completely not expected. I learned a great deal, and more importantly many different tools to use when times of stress and finding solutions to balancing my emotions. This workshop totally worked for me. You girls gave your all, and it was so appreciated. I will be bringing more people to your next workshop!” – Christine Payne, Sarasota

“The workshop was very informative and helped to understand how oils can be used for healing related to stress. Scarlet is so pleasant in her presentation and knowledgeable – including use with children and pets. Thank you!” Karen Cadiero, Bradenton

“Both presenters were very knowledgeable and caring! Learned lots!” – Darcey Varin, Bradenton