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Healthy Lifestyle Options, Essential Oils Education, Tips, and Resources

This resources page is designed to help you navigate step-by-step through the mounds of information and tips regarding essential oils and essential oil products. Most important, besides learning about different ways of supporting your health, is “experiencing” their wonderful benefits!

I’m excited for you to get started!

Why You Should Use Fractionated Coconut Oil2019-07-12T16:04:43-04:00

Fractionated coconute oil is not the same as plain coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is non-sticky, non-greasy, odorless, thin in substance, and completely absorbs into your skin. Wonderful for blending and diluting essential oils! Learn more about fractionated coconut oil and how it will help you better absorb and benefit from essential oils, while at the same time reducing skin sensitivity. Click here.

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Reflexology Chart – Feet

Essential Oil Properties

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Importance of Assisting Your Body’s Detox2019-07-12T16:34:31-04:00

Your body’s toxicity affects overall health, weight management, and hormonal balance. Learn about the importance and detoxing and discover gentle ways to detox and support your body.

How Toxic Are You?

Rachel Loth: Eating to Reduce Your Toxic Load
Dr. Damian Rodriguez: Toxic Load and Weight Management
Ange Peters: Daily Cleanse
Arin Fugate: Toxic Load and Sleep

Supplements for Boosting Health & Vitality2019-07-12T16:05:51-04:00
Hot Wellness Topics2019-07-12T16:06:17-04:00

Click on the link provided below to learn more about common wellness topics and areas of interest such as sleep, self care, weight management & exercise, mood management, and how to support all the different body systems: circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, integumentary, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, and respiratory system.

Free Health & Wellness Webinars2019-07-12T16:06:25-04:00

Enjoy listening to free webinars. Topics include: reducing toxic load, Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils, Emotional Health, revitalize with essential oils, cooking with essential oils, travel tips, personal care tips, pregnancy tips, daily lifestyle habits, supporting muscles and bones when exercising, healthy hearts, daily wellness tips, and more.

Free Health & Wellness Webinars Link

Learn from Experts in the Field2019-07-12T16:06:35-04:00

Special series of essential oil summits featuring physicians and essential oil experts discussing important topics along with quizzes and ebook links:

Reducing Toxic Load and How that Affects Weight & Sleep
Mental Detoxing
Natural Body and Skin Care
Natural Baby Care
Natural Perfume Alternative
The Science Behind Reducing Toxic Load
Toxic Load and Your Immune System
Essential Oils and Animals

Essential Oil Summits Link