Lemon essential oil is beautifully citrusy, with it’s fresh and uplifting scent and it has amazing cleansing properties – as long as it is a certified pure tested grade essential oil. What makes a Lemon essential oil truly pure and therapeutic?

Disregard the 100% pure message printed on many labels. It can be completely misleading. Truly pure and therapeutic grade Lemon essential oil, should be compression extracted, also called cold-pressed, from the rind of the fruit. And, do you think it matters where the lemons come from? Absolutely!! Because the soil, the climate and ground water in a region where the plant grows naturally, just makes it the most powerful plant in its inherent chemistry, and with that becomes the best source for making truly therapeutic Lemon essential oil. So a country like Italy, especially the Sicily region, creates some of the best lemons in the World. Other crucial factors are that the lemon trees should be cultivated without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The lemons should be harvested properly and at the right time, and EVERY batch of lemon essential oil should tested in 3rd party laboratories to ensure there are no microbes like bacteria, fungi, or viruses present, ensuring the essential oil is also free of heavy metals, any other contaminants, or fillers. Only then you can be ensured you are using a high quality, pure and potent Lemon essential oil.

So, what can we all do with lemon essential oil? Diffusing lemon essential oil, about 2-4 drops is usually sufficient, is a great way to uplift emotions, increase energy levels, support focus and increase mental clarity, and reduce the effects of stress and fatigue. Plus, diffusing Lemon essential oil helps cleanse the air! Do you love to cook? Do those cooking smells sometimes linger? That’s when diffusing lemon essential oil comes in very handy.

I also use Lemon essential oil when washing my produce. I’ll add water to a glass bowl, never use plastic with essential oils, especially citrus essential oils. Then add the produce and wash in the lemon water, then rinse with water. This takes the film off that persists on my fruits, especially apples and grapes, and does not come off when just rinsing with water. Also, getting anything sticky off, label residue, gum, glue, Lemon essential oil works it’s wonders. If you are into reducing toxins in your home when cleaning, Lemon essential oil is a powerful addition to home made surface cleaners, especially window cleaner. I also love adding it to my cotton dryer balls which I use instead of the toxin loaded dryer sheets, for beautifully fresh smelling laundry.

If you have a high quality lemon essential oil, that is labeled with supplement facts that indicate it is safe for internal use, it makes a great addition to baked goods, marinades, fruit salad, dressings, smoothies, and more. Also, to support the body’s natural detox function, many people like drinking one drop of Lemon essential oil in the mornings in room temperature water. Lemon is also a great oil for respiratory support, especially when combined with Lavender and Peppermint essential oil.

When using Lemon essential oil topically, appropriately diluted of course, be aware that it makes the skin more photo sensitive. Click here to learn more about topical use and photo sensitivity of essential oils.

So this was a quick review of Lemon Essential oil. Thank you for reading or watching! If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and living a healthier lifestyle, please contact me – I hope to see you or hear from you soon!