Lavender essential oil is beautifully soft, floral, and light, with a hint of sweet and warmth, and is mostly known for its soothing calming properties – as long as it is a certified pure tested grade essential oil and the right type of Lavender!

So what makes a Lavender essential oil truly pure and therapeutic and which kind of Lavender is the right kind when you are looking for soothing and calming effects? Forget about the 100% pure message on many labels. It can be completely misleading. Truly pure and therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil, should be steam distilled (not solvent extracted), from the fresh Lavender flowers (and not of any other part of the plant) of the species called Lavendula Angustifolia, the true Lavender, the Lavender that is known to be soothing and calming. Spike Lavender or Lavendula Latifolia has a much higher camphor content, which makes it energizing, good for achy muscles and joints, and great for respiratory support but it is not the right Lavender when you are looking for something to soothe your body, mind, and skin. So picking the right Lavender makes a difference in the benefits you will experience and do you think it matters where the Lavender comes from? Absolutely!! Because the soil, the climate and ground water in a region where Lavender grows naturally, just creates the most powerful plant in its inherent chemistry, and with that becomes the best source for producing a truly therapeutic Lavender essential oil. So countries like France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and especially also Bulgaria, grow some of the best Lavender in the World. Other crucial factors are that the Lavender fields should be cultivated without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The flowering tops should be harvested properly and at the right time, and EVERY batch of Lavender essential oil should be vigorously tested in 3rd party laboratories to ensure there are no microbes like bacteria, fungi, or viruses present, ensuring the essential oil is also free of heavy metals, any other contaminants, or fillers. Only then you can be ensured you are using a high quality, truly pure and potent Lavender essential oil.

So, what can we all do with Lavender essential oil? The Lavendula Angustifolia Lavender is amazingly soothing and calming to the mind and skin. It is a popular ingredient in do-it-yourself skin care products as it is perfect for all types of skin. You can add it to cleansers, face masks, toners, and lotions. Lavender soothes minor skin irritations and is really great for razor bumps and a perfect addition to your mister or lotion for after sun exposure to soothe and calm the skin. It is amazing in shampoo as it strengthens hair and helps reduce breakage and simply wonderful to polish, cleanse and strengthen nails and nailbeds. After a stressful day, taking a bath with lavender or foot soak with lavender helps to unwind, release stress, and help regain inner calm and balance. You can add 4-8 drops of lavender to one ounce of himalyan or dead sea salt, blend well, then pour the Lavender infused salts into the bathtub or foot soak tub where the water is rushing in, that really helps blend it well with the water. When used aromatically in a diffuser, Lavender creates a relaxing atomosphere which can be especially beneficial in the evening, helping to support restful sleep. If you don’t have a diffuser add 2 drops to a cotton ball and place next to your pillow or create a mister with distilled water and Lavender essential oil and mist your pillow before going to bed. . I also to put a couple of drops of Lavender with fractioned coconut oil onto my fingers and then apply to my neck and traps which is where we carry so much tension from the day.  Lavender is simply peaceful and relaxing to the body and mind.

Also, if you have a high quality Lavender essential oil, that is labeled with supplement facts that indicate it is safe for internal use, it also makes a great addition to baked goods, marinades, home made marmelade, fruit salad, dressings, and helps soften citrus flavors when making sauces for fish or chicken.

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