Peppermint essential oil is beautifully minty and fresh and is mostly known for its high menthol content which gives Peppermint it’s cleansing and refreshing properties.

So what makes Peppermint essential oil truly pure and therapeutic? Forget about the 100% pure labels on essential oil bottles for a moment,  that can be completely misleading. If you are interested in finding out “What does 100% pure actually mean?” view my special essential oil review on that particular topic. But let’s get back to our Peppermint essential oil. A truly pure and therapeutic grade Peppermint essential oil, should be steam distilled (not solvent extracted), from the leafs and flowering tops of the peppermint plant.

Do you think it matters where the Peppermint plants are grown? Absolutely! Because the nutrients in the soil, the climate and ground water in a region where Peppermint grows naturally, just creates the most powerful plant in its inherent chemistry, and with that becomes the best source for producing a truly therapeutic Peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is cultivated in many regions in the World, and is indigenous to Europe and the Middle East. Here in the US, Washington State is one of the perfect regions to produce potent peppermint plants.

Other crucial factors that impact the quality of Peppermint essential oil, is that the fields should be cultivated without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The flowering tops and leafs should be harvested properly and at the right time, and EVERY single batch of Peppermint essential oil should be vigorously tested in 3rd party laboratories to ensure there are no microbes like bacteria, fungi, or viruses present, and making sure the essential oil is also free of heavy metals, any other contaminants, adulterants or fillers. Only then you can be ensured you are using a high quality, truly pure and potent Peppermint essential oil.

So, what can we all do with Peppermint essential oil?

You may know Peppermint as an ingredient in chewing gum, tooth pastes and other oral hygiene products which makes it a great ingredient when making your own mouth rinse and oral care products. Combine Peppermint and Lemon essential oil in your DIY mouth rinse and voila you have created something truly cleansing, refreshing, and natural.

Peppermint essential oil is also amazingly soothing and calming to the digestive system and can help alleviate occasional stomach upset. Does your tummy get a little queasy when riding in a car or on a boat? That’s when smelling Peppermint or applying it around the navel can support the body quickly and naturally to make you feel better.

Whenever you are experiencing tension in the head and neck area, applying Peppermint diluted with fractionated coconut oil to the back of the neck, helps relieve tension and causes a nice cooling and tingling sensation. By the way, Peppermint is a vasoconstrictor, so when you apply it to the back of the neck, the oxygen flow to the brain increases. That’s what makes it also so great as a little energy pick me up, helping to increase focus and mental alertness, and therefore it is my personal companion on long car rides or for after-lunch or mid-afternoon tiredness that sometimes sets in.

Combine a drop of Wild Orange with your Peppermint and you’ve created something that is not only stimulating and uplifting but also supports the body in bringing back balance, supporting homeostasis.

The cooling sensation Peppermint causes when applied to the skin can also be very helpful on hot and humid days and especially after running or working out. Again just apply a drop diluted to the back of the neck for that cooling sensation.

Peppermint also promotes healthy respiratory function and is amazing when combined with Lavender and Lemon to help ease seasonal threats that can irritate the respiratory system, especially the sinuses.

When your feet are tired in the evening, add some Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils to your personalized foot lotion. It’s a real treat, soothing your tired feet and turning your cracked heels silky smooth at the same time!

Add Peppermint and Lemon to homemade glass cleaner and you’ll have sparkling clean windows, plus the fresh Peppermint scent will overpower that often irritating vinegar smell in home made cleaning products! I

If you’re finding more than your share of bugs, spiders, or ants in your home, Peppermint oil provides a perfect solution to ward off those creepy crawlers as they don’t like the smell of peppermint. Creating a mister with distilled water and Peppermint essential oil or simply applying a few drops to a cotton ball and placing it where they congregate is a great way to repel bugs naturally.

Love to cook and bake? If you have a high quality Peppermint essential oil, that is labeled with a supplement facts box that indicates it is safe for internal use, it also makes a great addition to smoothies, many dishes, and especially desserts. Have you ever tried black bean peppermint brownies? They are amazingly delicious and guests usually think it’s just chocolate brownies and not black beans!

Thank you for watching or reading! If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and living a healthier lifestyle, check out all the resources on this website and feel free to contact me.