I am still here… and all I want to do is share and give! Not many people know how much I’ve struggled the past 20 years. From fracturing my neck in a car accident and years of pain – and short term memory loss for several years. Unless you’ve had memory loss, you don’t know how devastating that is to every day life. Once I forgot my baby girl in the car, dropping off my older kids at school because I didn’t even remember I had taken her with me. We found her 15 minutes later and she was unharmed but the emotional devastation that had on me was unimaginable. Every day was just such a challenge. Then the trauma of losing my husband to cancer, the struggle of raising three kids on my own, faced with an unimaginable amount of debt from 3 years of fighting cancer. The clinical depression I went through. Sitting in the car with the script for Zoloft on my lap, struggling with the thought to fill it, and the determination, even I felt lower I’ve ever felt in my life, not to fill the script. I made a pact with myself to fight my way out. It took me six months to come to the surface again, to feel like I was swimming again and not drowning. Only to be followed by an accident which involved excruciating pain and suffocation that almost took my life. Remembering the trauma, I suffered from PTSD for years. Just coming up to the surface again, one of my kids got diagnosed with a life altering illness, so I was fighting again, not for myself but for my sweet child. It seems I had to fight my way up to the surface for years but all those struggles coupled with my education as a professional aromatherapist put me into a place where I have so much to share, so much to give. I truly feel that my happiness comes from giving!!!!! I’ve had to overcome so much, learned to live feeling happy despite the challenges, grateful despite the losses, and healthy despite the previous threats. I’m an empath and often relate very deeply to other people’s challenges but that also gives me the fuel to help. I am here. I love to listen. I love to help. I love sharing my thoughts and gifts on Please visit and reach out if you need support with your struggles.