Breathe - Stress Buster

Focusing on the BREATH and being fully present and in the moment, is a VERY Important tool in stress reduction. Combine that with a grounding, soothing, centering essential oil or essential oil blend and you’ll have a powerful STRESS BUSTER!

Essential Oils Application:
Apply one drop of a grounding and calming essential oil to the palms of your hands, rub together to create a little heat, cup in front of your face about 6″ (don’t touch your eyes), then practice the breathing technique below. Some of my favorite essential oils and blends for this practice:

Balance Blend
Peace Blend
Console Blend
Roman Chamomile

Diaphragmatic Breathing:
Breathe inhaling from your hands, breath into your belly raising your belly counting to four, hold your breath with belly raised counting to four, breathe out through your mouth counting to four (within time extend to counting to 8) releasing all the air from your belly and lungs. Repeat a few times, then breathe naturally. Repeat as needed.