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10ml roll-on – $24.00
15ml bottle – $36.00

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Essential oils can be a wonderful companion for your morning routines.

Diffuse this blend in your bathroom while getting ready and you’ll start having a whole new outlook on your day! Try making a diffuser blend with 2 drops Rosemary essential oil, 2 drops Wild Orange essential oil, and 2 drops Peppermint essential oil. My secret to enhance this blend even further, add 1-2 drops of Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil!

Diffuse in your bathroom or kitchen when getting ready for your day! Invest in a little car diffuser to make your commute an aromatherapy experience you won’t want to miss once you’ve tried it. Apply to inside of your wrists, pulse points on your neck, an aromatherapy bracelet or necklace and take this wonderful blend of essential oils with you.

Uplift your spirits, boost energy, increase focus, and ignite motivation!