Do you have kids in pre-school, kindergarten, school or even college? Then you know the struggle as a parent to keep your kids healthy. As my daughter has a rare illness which gets three times worse when she gets sick with a cold, keeping her healthy is one of my main concerns. She used to be sick so often and miss so many days (not to speak of the struggle for the parent to juggle a sick kid and work). Not any more. I’ve found a way to boost her immune system and support her body.

Applying a protective blend under the soles of her feet in the morning has worked amazingly. We use it for three weeks then take a week off. After a couple of months we take a longer break. When her risk of getting sick was even higher with siblings or friends being sick, we increased application to several times a day to support the immune defense.

To have witnessed a change in her overall health using this oil blend has been amazing. One 15ml bottle lasts us for many months, especially because we dilute it as necessary.

As a parent, it makes me feel good to know that I’m supporting my child’s health with something natural and that she feels better all year round.

Give it a try!