My Tools & Little Routines to Feel Calmer, More Grounded, Less Anxious and Nervous

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I know that with everything going on in our lives, with so much uncertainty around us, we can start feeling a bit uneasy, get a little bit restless, get that sense of nervousness in the pit of out stomach and get anxious. I am no exception to that. But I do have some really helpful tools and little routines that have made a big difference for me which I would love to share with you.

In the morning after I wake up I don’t jump out of bed right away. I will lay there and apply an essential oil blend called Balance which has a light and fresh scent, with a little hint of sweet and woody undertones, and I will apply this blend to my wrists and under the sole of one of my feet, and sometimes if I wake up feeling nervous right away, I will put a drop on the pit of my stomach right below the sternum where my ribs come together. Then I will set my feet on the mattress so my legs are at about a 45 degree angle because that takes pressure off my lower back. I will close my eyes, put my hands on my belly on the left and right, and breathe in, slowly counting to four raising my belly, then hold my breath counting to four, and then breathe out counting to four. I will repeat this 5 to 6 times, then breathe normally for a few breaths and then repeat. I’ll will lay in bed practicing this routine for about 5 minutes, sometimes up to 10 minutes. This helps me create a foundation for my day, a foundation for instilling inner sense of calm, more inner balance.

Then after I get up, I will do something that is calming and grounding for my emotions and body for about 20 to 40 minutes. It really varies from day to day, and there is no set time frame, I just try to listen to my body. Some of the calming routines I have included are meditation, yoga poses, going for a walk around the block, or reading. To experience an even greater effect from my grounding and calming routine, I’ll use an essential oil blend before I start. The one that helps me the most is called Peace. I’ll apply it over my heart area, to my wrists and under the sole of my foot. I also apply the Peace essential oil onto one of the lava beads on my bracelet because the scent stays on it for almost 24 hours. Peace has a rich scent, very deep and earthy with a little hint of sweet and little mint. And let me tell you, this blend has been my savior lately. But if someone is not into earthy and woody scents and prefers something lighter, the blend I would suggest would be Adapative. It is very light, citrusy, sweet and floral all at the same time. A really beautiful combination.

Then during the day, to help me feel more grounded and less anxious, I will reapply and smell my Peace blend whenever needed. I may put a drop into my hands, rub together to create a little bit heat, cup 6″ from my face, and breathe in and out slowly, taking in the aroma and letting it help calm my nerves. Sometimes I reapply over my heart area or onto my pulse points on my neck or on my wrists. When I’m on the go and don’t have time to apply the oil blend, I just smell it from my lava beads on my bracelet. Essential oils are just such powerful tools when it comes to modulating emotions, they create neurochemical releases in the brain that can help support interrupting habitual emotional responses, and create new pathways.

So, then when it comes to the blend I use in the evening because it can happen quite frequently that I’m laying there and my brain just doesn’t let me go to rest, my thoughts will jump from one thing to another, I keep thinking and thinking. To help minimize that and be able to go to sleep easier, I will apply the Serenity Essential Oil blend to my neck and traps, onto my wrists and put two drops into my diffuser. I will also add 2 drops of an oil called Vetiver to my diffuser and will apply a drop under the sole of my foot. And when I am going through extra challenging times, I sometimes in addition will take one or two Serenity softgels or Copaiba softgels, about 20 minutes before I go to bed. Then when I lay in bed, I’ll repeat the same breathing technique I practice in the morning and imagine my bed as an island, an oasis of peace and beauty where nothing can harm me, just beauty and peace all around me.

This is my day using my oils to help create a sense of inner calm, inner balance, to feel more grounded and centered. I feel this is just so important, not just on an emotional level but also because I know that it will help support healthy immune function. Emotions directly affect our immune system! Plus, I know that feeling anxious and nervous can zap all my energy, can make my feel a bit paralyzed, so when supporting my body to feel more balanced and grounded, I can better focus on my daily tasks and move forward towards a different but perhaps better life.

Sending Wellness and Peace Your Way thank you for watching or reading! Please reach out to me with any questions or if you need any essential oils.

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